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René Urueña


Law Bachelor Degree of the Universidad de los Andes, where he also acquired his Economics Specialization Degree. He obtained his LL.M. on International Law (laudatur) from the University of Helsinki.

Work Experience

Professor Urueña is Acting Professor of Law at the Universidad de Los Andes, Law School, and currently works as the director of the International Law area. He recently published a manual on International Organizations Law written in Latin America (Temis/Ediciones Uniandes, 2008), as well as numerous articles on specialized international magazines including "Risk and Randomness in International Legal Argumentation" in 21 Leiden Journal of International Law (2008), "The Boundaries of the Law of International Watercourses" in ASIL Proceedings of the 102nd Annual Meeting (2008) and "International Law as Administration: The UN's 1267 Sanctions Committee and the Making of the War on Terror" in 4 International Organizations Law Review (2008).

His research interests include International Economic Law, International Organizations Law, Regulated Industries, Public - Private partnerships and Water Law. He is currently developing a project that explores how expansion of International Economic Law affects the patterns on global political participation.



Beatriz Sánchez


Law Bachelor Degree of Universidad de los Andes, she holds a Ph.D. (suma cum laude) from the Fundamental Rights Program of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she also obtained her LL.M. on International Joint and Several Action in Europe.


Work Experience


Professor Sánchez is Acting Professor of Law at the Universidad de Los Andes, Law School. She joined the faculty from Spain where she was teaching Constitutional Law and European Community Law.

Her recent work includes several articles and book chapters, being the most recent "Cuando los derechos son la jaula. Transplante rígido del soft law para la gestión del desplazamiento forzado" published on the July - December 2009 issue of the Revista de Estudios Políticos de la Universidad de Antioquia. Her research interests focus on forced exodus, militarization of humanitarian assistance and the indigenous peoples rights.

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