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Rapporteurs Team



Sebastián Bendiksen


Historian of The University of Texas at Austin, currently studying his eighth semester in the Law School at the Universidad de Los Andes. He was an Exchange student for a year in the Netherlands where he developed his interest in Public International Law. He founded and was president of the uniandino chapter of the International Law Students Association.




Sebastián Boada


He is currently in his eighth semester student in Law School at the Universidad de Los Andes. He has worked as an assistant researcher at the Schools research center, Centro de Investigaciones Socio-jurídicas (CIJUS). He is currently an assistant researcher in the project on Great Rulings in International Criminal Justice  (Grandes Fallos de la Justicia Penal Internacional) lead by the School and the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ). At the same time he is a part of the legal clinic Global Justice and Human Rights (Justicia Global y Derechos Humanos) at the Universidad de Los Andes, Law School. He is part of the editing group for the "Revista Mayéutica" and the Law School newspaper "Al Derecho". He has been a Law School Representative before the Universidad de Los Andes' Student Council (Consejo Estudiantil Uniandino (CEU)).



Juliana Galindo

Universidad de Los Andes Law School Bachelor Degree, currently in seventh semester of Political Science at the same university. She specializes on International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, after taking the respective courses on these subjects at American University, Washington, College of Law.

She represented Universidad de Los Andes on the Francisco Suárez Competition (2008-Universidad Javeriana) as well as at the Interamerican Human Rights Competition (2009- American University). She is currently the legal advisor for the CUT-CTC Legal Group, where she deals with employment law, she also is a consultant for the GTZ-Profis Project focused on attending afro Colombian victims encased in the Ley de Justicia y Paz.


Angélica Manga

Universidad de Los Andes Language and Socio-cultural Studies Graduate, currently studying Law at the same university. Her interests are based on the study of power relationships, especially on the normative, political and cultural discontinuities in the International System.

She was a Grant holder at the International Training Center of the ILO in Turín, where she studied the "Social Dimension of Regional Integration" (2008). She has worked on different projects that involve cultural, linguistics and pedagogic cooperation with the cultural services of the French Embassy in Bogotá (2009), the Colombo-French Alliance and the Corpomundi NGO, with publication of several of her articles.


María Mónica Morris

She studied for three years at The American School in Switzerland, where she graduated with an International Baccalaureate degree. She arrived back to Colombia in 2008 and is currently studying her fourth semester at the Universidad de Los Andes, Law School. She has worked assisting children with HIV in Rumania in a group called "Assisting Children with Aids" and in several projects to protect the environment. Her interests regarding International Law are in reference to Human Rights.




Alejandra Peláez


Currently studying her ninth semester in Law School and seventh semester of Political Science at the Universidad de Los Andes. She has been an exchange student in France several times, the last of which was at the Montesquieu Bordeaux IV University where she studied one law semester. Her interests are International Law, International Relationships and Diplomacy.




Aníbal Ruge


Currently studying his eighth Law School semester at the Universidad de Los Andes. He graduated Gimnasio Colombo Británico and was an exchange student in Canada in 2005 for six months. His interests include Criminal Law, Acting and Literature.



Jenny Vera


She is currently in her last Law School semester and her fifth Business Administration semester at the Universidad de Los Andes. Her interests mainly involve the study of International Law from the sources relating to International Commerce and the consequences on Intellectual Property. It’s important for her to understand, analyze and have a critical position regarding the interaction between International Law, Intellectual Property and current International Commerce.




Andrés Zammata


Colegio Rochester High School Graduate in 2004 and is currently a Law School student at the Universidad de Los Andes, studying his ninth semester. He is part of the International Law observatory group at the Universidad de Los Andes since last October. His interests focus on the subjects of International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law.




Equipo de trabajo

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