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Globalization, power and law

Today, globalization has become a central part of the political rhetoric of the world, and hence it has been addressed from several academic perspectives. Although its resistance to be defined, the topics appearing in the discussion are useful to guide the analysis of the international reality in its legal dimension. The connection between international law and power is admitted, though the affirmation does not imply that the international order could be catalogued as "politic", or that the international politics have been "legalized". However, the nature of this relation is questionable in itself, and it helps the comprehension of the on-going international events.

In this website, we observe the complex dynamic between globalization, law and power in the international and national scene. The aim is to contribute to the debate providing documents and other academic material on the more recent developments of high impact and relevance in the international scope. This labor is carried out by the reporters and their team, composed of a group of law students at the Universidad de los Andes who work in different areas, such as:

  • International security and public order
  • International economic law
  • Human rights and international humanitarian law
  • International criminal law
  • Critical theories

The research, analysis and dissemination of academic information about these topics are the main objectives of this project driven by the Faculty of Law at the Universidad de los Andes. The aim is to become a highway of knowledge between the team and any person who is interested in the issues of international law today.

The opinions expressed are the authors exclusive responsibility and their team, they do not compromise the Universidad de los Andes
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